There are times when silence isn’t ‘golden’, it’s deadly.

1) Silence is deadly when you use it as a passive, retaliatory means of expressing your anger or displeasure. That’s called ‘emotional manipulation’. Trespassing is the unauthorized crossing of a boundary, and many times we feel like we’ve been trespassed against or wronged. However, rather than addressing the issue directly with the offender, we resort to sulking and pouting. ‘Don’t do that!’. Your lack of communication can leave the wrongdoer unaware of their behavior and make them more likely to repeat it.

2) Silence is deadly when you fail to defend someone against unwarranted criticism or vicious rumors. Don’t let fear of alienation and rejection cause you to let slander and character assassination go unchallenged, especially when you’re aware of facts to the contrary.

3) Silence is deadly when it results in your making an undesirable decision by default. The fact is, silence can indicate consent.

‘There is…a time to be silent and a time to speak.’

 So have the courage of your convictions and speak up!

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