Bruguera Tennis Academy, Barcelona, Spain

A player can chose either a 1 week or 2 weeks programme at the Academy from a minimum period of one week. The programs are adapted to all type of levels.

The programs are personalized and we work having considering the needs of the individual player & is based on their individual characteristics, strengths & objectives & the length of stay at the Academy.

The players have to stay minimum two weeks in the academy for playing tournaments.

Arrivals are on Sunday & the day is spent in orientation of the Academy etc.

The training starts at 9 h and ends at 17 h. We work Mon – Fri – 3h:15 min. at court Technique –Tactic and 2h:45 min Physical Training.

09:00h to 11:00h Technique – Tactic training

11:00h to 12:15h Physical training

12:45h to 14:30h Break / Lunch

14:30h to 15:45h Technique-Tactic training

15:45h to 16:45h Physical training

After training at 17 h the players are free to pursue other activities.

Participants in both the 1 & 2 week programme shall be taken for sightseeing, city tour etc on Saturday & Depart on Sunday

There is an optional psychology program to strengthen the emotional control in a competitive environment.

Bruguera Tennis Academy works with the most up-to-date technologies to reach the maximum performance potential of our players.

The Academy has a 24 hours supervisor to guarantee the security of our centre and players.

About The Academy

  • Who we are
    Bruguera Tennis Academy Top Team was foun-ded in 1986 by Luis Bruguera as a centre of high sports performance devoted to the professional formation of young tennis players at an interna-tional level. We take care of the personal develop-ment of the player as well.
    What we offer
    We offer professional dedication to sport both at initial and competitive level. A complete technical Staff devoted to the sport and academic monito-ring and development of the player.
    Discipline, the value of effort, living together with other players, cultural education and fighting spirit are aspects that should be part not only for a tennis player but also for any person in order to successfully face any challenge in life.
    Centre of high sports performance
    Preparation and seasonal planning, technically, tactically, physically and competitively Control and monitoring in competitions. Coach Residence and official school in the same centre Specific physical training Sport psychology program.Medical, dietetic and psychological controls Periodical or permanent stages Pedagogical tutors. Highest discipline. Language lessons Application of technology to improve performance.

Programmes and Facilities

  • Programs
    We offer annual tennis and academic programs aimed at young tennis players. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly stages Formation for coaches Language lessons Psychology programs Programs for adults.
    Surrounded by nature and located at 12km from the city of Barcelona. We have complete sports fa-cilities including seven clay courts, nine green set courts, two physical training rooms, football pitch, swimming pool (25x12m), physiotherapy room, musculation room, stretching-prevention room, school and residence.

Techinic,tactic,physical training & physiotherapy,physiology & studies

  • Teaching and practice of attack game. Defence, control search and greatest stroke acceleration, technical corrections, termination moves, special emphasis in the mobility and movement, two or three players per court maximum. Assistance to tournaments under the supervision of a coach. Development of basic physical abilities, develo-pment of general dynamic coordination, physical training program according to the biologic age of the player, adaptation to physical abilities which tennis demands. Physiotherapy service in the same centre so as to treat injuries. Psychology department for the tracking of the stu-dent both in the field of sports and personally. Official school, coordinated with the competition planning.


  • 2 Roland Garros titles and 1 final
    1 Olympic Silver Medal
    2 Super 9 and Super 5 finals
    26 ATP tournaments
    13 ITF-WTA tournaments
    19 Challengers tournaments
    7 Spanish Championships
    7 Spanish Junior Championships
    1 World Cadet Subchampionship
    1 World Infantile Championship
    1 Spanish Infantile Masculine Championship
    (individual and double)
    1 Spanish Infantile Feminine Championship
    1 Spanish Alevín Feminine Championship and
    numerous Sub championships
    2 players in the Top Ten
    10 players in the Top 100.