Basic Details

      • Min 10 students + 1 Teacher Escort – Max up to 35 students + 3 teacher escorts
      • Age Criteria: High School students between 12 – 16 years ( + / – 1 year is acceptable)
      • Students will be accommodated in Madrid, Malaga, Valencia or Alicante or any other Spanish City
      • Flight will be to Madrid & from where transfers will be organized
      • Participants will stay with host students families
      • Duration: 9 nights / 10 days
      • Travel Date Between: TBA

Here are a few examples of the type of schools in which the exchange can be offered MAS CAMARENA has been named the best school in the Valencia region for 5 consecutive years and is  easily one of the best  private schools in Spain, for more details please visit their website:, JOYFE:, Amanecer:

Benefits of a School to School Exchange Program

1. Educational:

      • International learning and knowledge propels students towards acceptance and
        understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.
      • Awareness and adoption of alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning.
      • Analytical and problem solving skills.
      • Enhanced interest in global issues as well as a broader general knowledge.

2. Personal:

  • Self-development and awareness leading to enhanced self-confidence and self-esteem. This is often the most noticeable change in students after completing an exchange program.
  • Maturity and social poise, fuelled by the necessity to confront challenges outside a familiar support network and comfort zone.
  • Integration into another family as well as the development of life-long friendships, fostering an appreciation of home and family.
  • A tremendous sense of accomplishment upon completion encourages students to develop independent opinions, make informed decisions and strive to attain fresh goals

3. Long Term:

  • Students who participate in ‘exchanges’ find themselves more comfortable in ‘foreign’ environments.
  • Prospective Universities & Colleges in almost every field look favorably upon experience gained while living overseas and knowledge obtained of another language and culture.
  • Increased pressure to communicate and relate to others develops an awareness of group dynamics and personal sensitivity towards others
  • Successful program completion represents an excellent measure of personal flexibility, encompassing an ability to reach compromise, focus and succeed through challenging times.