F.E.S.T. 2018

14 Oct 2018 to 21 Oct 2018

Future of Education From North to South is a one week intensive premium program to show case the Finnish educational excellence. Through this programe participants learn more about the Finnish school system, get familiar with Finnish culture and experience the memorable Finnish nature at the same time. Have a hands-on experience and visit schools, observe differentiated, child-centred instruction and experiential learning


29 Oct 2017 to 5 Nov 2017

The program will provide you a ringside view, a meaningful insight & demonstrate how you can practically adapt the Finnish techniques & methods to make a qualitative impact in your own environments Since it implemented huge education reforms 40 years ago, Finland's school system has consistently come at the top for the international rankings for education systems.So how do they do it? It's simple — by going against the evaluation-driven, centralized model that much of the Western world uses.


2 Dec 2017 to 6 Dec 2017

When it comes to advancing educator professional learning, this is the conference. Join thousands of practitioners and thought leaders to: Develop solutions to professional development challenges for all educators | Strengthen professional learning | systems at all levels | Explore best practices and new technologies in the field | Be part of a global community of learners.