Greetings from Travel To Learn!!

We partner with International Leaders in Education from USA, UK, SPAIN & TURKEY, to
offer students a varied & unprecedented opportunities in ‘EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING’ that
range from Science to Sports!!

At the heart of all learning is the way we process our experiences, especially our critical
reflections on our experiences.

Experiential learning engages students in critical thinking, problem solving and decision
making in contexts that are personally relevant to them, giving them that much sought
after edge that makes the difference!


This is how it works:


The programs that we offer include:
1 ) Science: London International Youth Science Forum – UK
2 ) English Language: Outdoor Development Program – UK
3 ) Performing Arts: Theatre Tours – UK
4 ) French Language: French Immersion Program – France
5 ) Soccer: Manchester United Soccer School – Bombay – India
6 ) Tennis: Bruguera Tennis Academy – Barcelona – Spain
7 ) Customized Outer Space Adventure – Space Camp –Izmir – Turkey
8 ) Higher Education: U.S. University Application Course –Harvard & MIT – Boston – USA
9 ) Higher education: U.K. University Tours – Oxford –U.K.
10) Student Exchange: US High School Plus (Exchange) Program – Pan USAAll our programs are distinguishable by inclusion of experiential education as a key approach to
student-centered learning for a sustainable future, for complete details please log on to:
We take this opportunity to invite your students to participate in these programs which is
possible through both groups & individual registrations (depending upon the program) & look
forward to hearing from you to take this furtherThanking You,For Travel To Learn
Anupam Vaid


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