How much of a factor is fear in your life?

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October 16, 2017
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October 23, 2017

How much of a factor is fear in your life?

Go ahead, take the fear test. Circle the number that best corresponds to how you feel.

  • I don’t remember the last time I was really afraid.
  • I am afraid rarely, and only when I or someone close to me is in physical danger.
  • I am a little more fearful than I’d like to be.
  • Fear is a significant factor in my everyday life. I avoid anything risky or dangerous.
  • I’m afraid of many things on a daily basis, and it changes the way I live my life.

If you circled number one you’re an unusual individual who doesn’t experience normal fear. You may have to temper your actions with greater discernment and wisdom.

If you circled number two, you have a healthy attitude towards fear and you’ve got a handle on it. You should try to encourage others who have a more difficult time with fear than you do.

If you circled number three or four, you’re in an excellent position to improve your life by changing your attitude. Begin by identifying the source of your fears, and determining to turn your fear into faith

If you circled number five, chances are fear is getting the better of you and you’ll have a difficult time overcoming it on your own. So, reprogram your mind & don’t be afraid to seek help from a trusted friend or counselor.

For each area of fear, figure out a positive opposite, and create a plan of action to cultivate that quality. Then focus on what you can control today.

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