Advantage America: A School Leaders Tour to the USA

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July 18, 2017
August 26, 2017

Advantage America: A School Leaders Tour to the USA

We are delighted to invite you to participate in Advantage America: A School Leaders Tour to the USA

The Future of Learning: World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report stated that 65% of kids entering Primary School today will have jobs that don’t yet exist. The same report also states that Creativity will be one of the top three skills human resources will need by 2020. According to John Kao in the Smithsonian, America’s culture is the one absolute advantage that the nation continues to enjoy in a world that has recognized the competitive importance of creativity & innovation, while the rest of the world travels at warp speed to catch up, the elements of culture that enable innovation are intrinsic to the US of A, resulting in Advantage America

Taking a cue from this we have developed Advantage America: A School Leaders Tour to the USA

In Brief: Delivered in New York the program covers real depth and breadth, with topics spanning innovation, leadership, partnership, development and technology & comprises of interactive workshops, school & university visits that build on the core elements of the American Curricula for early childhood, primary & secondary education. Highlight: A Master Class in Creative Ideation. The tour includes a to visit all the famous landmarks In New York & Washington e.g. Statue Of Liberty, Empire State Building, While House, Lincoln Memorial etc & time to indulge in some shopping!

We hope you shall join your fellow educators on this journey to the frontier of Innovation enabling you to Inspire – Innovate – Ignite the future

Attached please find the details

Below is the link for program:

** Date: ** 22 – 29 Oct 2017
** Duration: ** 8 Days
** Destination ** New York

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